Mentos Products was founded by James Peter Mento, an Italian immigrant that came to the United States seeking a better life for himself. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in WWI as a combat engineer. Upon his completion of service he was granted citizenship and in 1929, after a brief career as a master barber, he formulated and manufactured a hair and skin product in the basement of his house called Mentos Medicine.
This new product addressed the severe hair and skin needs of the American people. For over 85 years Mentos has created hair and skincare products designed to help protect and improve sensitive skin problems. Mentos has been on the cutting edge of cosmetic chemistry and utilized the finest natural ingredients available. Mentos Products, not only protects the skin’s natural pH, but helps promote healthy new skin cell growth.

Today, Mentos Products still keeps the spirit of Mentos Medicine alive with a great line of hair and skin products that include Mentos Ultra Hair Conditioner, Mentos Ultra Shave Gel, Mentos Ultra Facial Conditioner, Mentos Tea Tree Electric Shave, Mentos Smooth Skin, Mentos Bumps Gone, Mentos Cherry Almond 70% Cleansing Alcohol, and Mentos Aftershave.